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CertieXam (CX), the platform for delivery of skill certification exams, represents the most innovative and usable system today available for Authorized Test Center activities, as well as for Candidates. The performance of CX simplifies the operations to be carried out before, during and after all examination delivery sessions. During preparation of examinations session, a software procedure is made available to the examiner, allowing to enter, identify and enable candidates to exams. This works via the automatic assignment of a unique and identifying system password, both to the examiner and to each candidate.

Thereafter, everything takes place in automatic way:

  • The System, based on administrator rules, assigns to each candidate the tests to be taken;
  • The Candidate, by login and personal password (related to the session he is participating to), accesses the System and chooses (among those assigned) in which sequence and version to take the exams;
  • At the end of total examination time, the system prevents the candidate to continue;
  • Once examination session is ended, the system can communicate or not to the administrator the results obtained: depending on kind of supported certification. The administrator may then notify the result to the candidate;
  • All data of each examination session are automatically recorded on central database, giving option to the Authorized Test Center of recovering the same.

Authorized Test Center Administrator can access by password to the central database (for data relating to own Center). In particular, he can obtain details of each taken examination (percentage, correct or incorrect answers) depending on the subject dealt with, the time taken for the entire examination.


There are basically two ways to verify, by an automated system, knowledge and skills of a candidate:

  1. Through specific questions;
  2. Through actual performance on a task.

1. In the first case, the candidate can choose the answer from a list of possible ones. The system verifies the correctness of the choice. This occurs in multiple-choice questions, by association (drag and drop) on sequence (sequencing). This permits to get the effective knowledge (knowledge skills) of a Candidate.

2. In the second case, the candidate is required to perform specific tasks. The system checks if tasks were done correctly (questions performed on simulated environment). This approach gauges the "practical abilities” through a tasks-execution method (performance based).

Advantages of automatic system

CX offers a qualitative leap in performance, in three key areas:

  1. Quality of Process
  2. The whole process is computer-based and independent from any human intervention:

    • Choice of questions is performed by the system;
    • Evaluation of results is immediate and totally without discretionary power.
  3. Aided Effectiveness
  4. Time drastically riduced for:

    • Preparation (test choice, preparation of magnetic media);
    • Result assessment;
    • Reporting;
    • Storage of results;
    • Real time control of the situation of distributed exams.
  5. Optimization
  6. CX allows an optimization of modality and time of examination meaning a significant reduction in costs for the Authorized Test Center.

    • Exam delivery system (exam management software and single exam session)entirely based on web technologies, by minimizing the download to transfer data.
    • Exam software does not require any specific browser, but uses an application developed independent vendor, which allows you to:
      1. Provide a user-friendly interface making full use of PC characteristics. (Processor, RAM, graphics card, etc.)
      2. Ensure advanced security architecture, to encrypt the data flow.
    • Request for minimal hardware and software configuration on exam workstation.
    • No server location in the classroom for the delivery of exams.

The optimization of modality and time of configuration and use of Testing Room in the management of the examination sessions, reduces the time required to Authorized Test Center operators. This determinates a considerable economic advantage. This is important when working with a large number of candidates, such as universities and public administrations and in case of special projects that require the ability not to locate the Authorized Test Center.