CertieXam (CX)

CertieXam (CX) is a powerful and innovative platform for delivery of skill certification exams.

CX system was designed and built using the latest and most advanced software engineering technologies. Furthermore, it is adopting the latest innovative methods for delivery of exams certification (h24 - 7/7days) without any needs of reservation and in an automatic, integrated, flexible and scalable way.

In CX the whole process of allocation and distribution of certification exams for Authorized Testing Centers is intuitive, easy to use, safe and stable. The automation extends, indeed, to all certification stages, conducted by Authorized Test Centers examiners, from personal data inclusion to exam reports, reducing significantly the time generally taken for those activities. CX platform allows a constant and continuous control of exams inventory, available and used. It is also prepared for running and managing projects and special initiatives.

CX allows Candidates to take exams choosing among any of certifications available in the platform, including vendor independent and open source, allowing also to repeat and/or continue exam session in case of interruption, and moreover to obtain immediately the exam final result when the session is completed.

CX also makes available at any time the CX Transcript. This is an online service that tracks and maintains the list of taken examinations and certifications, obtained by each candidate.

CX offers the possibility to Candidate to send his own CX Transcript (official copy of curriculum exams) to third parties such as: employers, schools / academic evaluation institutions, security commissions for evaluating certificates and competitions.

The specifications that address all functional aspects of CX (from data security to running continuity, from access control to the ability to manage a large number of simultaneous tests, and the storing of data and results) were developed by following the Standard Quality processes: ISO 9001-2001.