How can I activate the CertieXam platform?

To activate the platform, for delivery of skill certification exams (CX), you need to download the CX Client System software, directly from Members Area. This will be possible once you receive the Authorized Test Center access-credentials.

What do I need to install to correctly run CX Client System?

The CertieXam (CX) platform is a client/server system, downloadable via web. So you can install it through a common connection to the Internet. The CX platform enables the management and administration of all certification programs, available in the same platform. For the exams assignment, you must install CX Client System software on each exam workstation. It is not required a local server in the Authorized Test Center. Indeed, all the locations used to carry out exams are acting as Client of Central CX Server.

How do I install CX Client System software in exam workstations?

  • Log in to the PC chosen as workstation via Local or Network Administrator;
  • Double-click the installation file downloaded from Members Area;
  • Proceed with the default settings;
  • After installation, restart the system.

How can I verify if CX Client System is properly configured for a test session?

To verify the correct working of the system, perform the appropriate procedure for verification of CX Client System software, through a demo session exam (free).

Which are the minimal hardware and software requirements?

See the appropriate section about system requirements.

In case of bad running, which information should I provide to technical support?

Technical support, in order to operate effectively, needs as much information as possible about the problem you are reporting. Send an email to CertieXam technical support (supporto@certiexam.com) specifying the type of malfunction and the error code. If necessary, it is possible to receive technical support from remote on Authorized Test Center Client position, for troubleshooting.

If the Authorized Test Center uses a Proxy Server and/or a firewall, must I configure them?

The configuration of Proxy Server and/or firewall is necessary to ensure the correct execution of the process of synchronizing data between CX Client System workstation in Authorized Test Center and CX Server System on the Central Server. In this case Authorized Test Center, during the installation, must change the Proxy Server and/or Firewall. In case of problems and for further information, please contact by e-mail our technical support (supporto@certiexam.com) providing all information, necessary and relevant to the type of network, Proxy and Firewall.

I have different requirements for hardware and software from the slightest ones required. Can I install CX Client System?

If an Authorized Test Center is having requirements that differ from those listed, please send an e-mail to:  supporto@certiexam.com.

What should I do if I cannot access Members Area?

If you are unable to access Members Area, check that you have correctly typed your User ID and password. The password can be retrieved by clicking on retrieve password.

In case of crash of Authorized Test Center exam workstation, can I restart the exam?

Yes, you can restart the exam from the same or any other exam workstation of Authorized Test Center. In this case, exam session will start again from where it was interrupted and from the remaining time in which the previous exam session was interrupted. The exam will be however completed no later than the scheduled time, as indicated in Procedures / Regulations session for the type of examination.

During exam session is it necessary an Internet connection?

For the security policies of data and exam results, the system does not use local database. Every single transaction is recorded on the central database. Therefore you need an Internet connection during the test session. In any case, for specific projects in disadvantaged areas with low or no connectivity to Internet, you can start off-line exam sessions, by a special request to CertieXam technical support.